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Companies turn to the Taylor Group International regardless of their sales and marketing challenges or the boundaries of time or place, to improve performance, drive results, and execute their vision.


The mission of the Taylor Group International is to ensure that our clients have the top-performing sales and marketing teams they need to successfully execute their strategies.

Our role is to ensure sales managers, sales team members, and marketing professionals have the knowledge, skills, and tools to exceed their business goals and build lasting, profitable relationships with clients.

We have transformed training into sales and marketing empowerment by providing the most effective training, around the world, in a mode that most closely meets the needs of each client organization.


Formed in 2006, MOOG Medical Devices Group encompasses three technology providers: 

1) California based infusion technology developer Curlin Medical, Inc, a manufacturer and developer of infusion therapy products.

2) ZEVEX, International, Inc. of Salt Lake City, a pioneer in the development of enteral feeding pumps

3) Denver based McKinley Medical Corp, a disposable drug delivery pump manufacturer.

The resulting medical device group designs, creates and markets electronic ambulatory pumps, disposable ambulatory pumps, enteral feeding pumps, ultrasonic and optical sensors, and surgical hand pieces  used in cataract surgery.