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Fundamentals of Professional Selling
3 Days - $2,595

Improving Sales and Sales Management Processes 

in 54 Countries on 6 Continents Since 1991!

Fundamentals of Professional Selling - 3 Days

Seminar Introduction:

This seminar is designed for a Sales Person within their first twenty-four months as a Sales Person.

This is a practical, hands-on seminar based on our on-going research into effective selling skills. 

It is designed to allow your new Sales Person to learn the technical components of effective selling such as prospecting for new business, securing the appointment, conducting the across-the-desk needs analysis and advancing to the next step in the buyer’s “Buying Cycle”.

Download seminar description in PDF format ( Here ) 

What is Different About Our Seminar Format:

We have designed all of our seminars to focus on only one, key, objective:

"Increasing the profits of the companies that pay for their employees to attend our seminars"

We do this with the following seminar components:

1) Know Your Instructor:

We share each seminar leader's biography for each seminar, before you buy.  If you don't like their biography then we don't expect you to purchase our seminar.

2) Personal Contact Before Seminar Begins:

Each seminar leader personally contacts your employee by phone or e-mail before the seminar begins, to ask about the key skill and knowledge items your employee needs to focus on during the seminar.

3) Online Assessments Done Before Start of Seminar:

Each of our seminars include one or more employee assessments that are completed before the seminar even begins.  These seminar sassessments are in several personal development areas including:

* Personal Communication Style

* Management Strength Assessment

* Marketing Knowledge Assessment

Each assessment is done online before the start of each seminar so we can insert more profitable content into the classroom sessions.

4) Luncheon Seminar: "Lessons From the Field"

During one lunch period of the seminar, we invite back a recent graduate of this seminar and ask them to share with your employee, how the graduate has worked to improve his firm's profits with the skill and knowledge learned in each seminar.

This is to help "Jump Start" your employee's thinking on how to apply the many profit building ideas we share with them.

5) Live Reinforcement Webinars at Months 4, 8 and 12 Months After the Seminar:

Our seminars are designed to focus on helping your employees implement the best practices described in our seminars. Therefore, we include in the seminar price, three, live, instructor led webinars at 4, 8 and 12 months after the last day of the seminar.

6) Recorded Reinforcement Webinars Available for 24 Months After the Seminar:

If your employee is not available to join a profit reinforcement webinar, it is recorded for them with the voices and profitable ideas from their classmates and is made available for 24 months after the last day of the seminar.

7) Finally;

"If you can find another seminar from a different supplier that will 

increase your firm's profits more than our seminar, then buy it!"

Download seminar description in PDF format ( Here )


Client: Phoenix Controls
Acton, Massachusetts

Key & Target Account Selling for:

* Regional Sales Managers

* North American Distributors

Founded in 1985, Phoenix Controls, a business of Honeywell International, is a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of precision airflow control systems for use in critical room environments.  Customers include the leading pharmaceutical companies, universities, hospitals, government research facilitie and industrial corporations.  

Phoenix Controls offers innovative, technologically sound airflow and pressurization controls solutsions that combine unparalleled safety and performance with value and energy savings.